Pilates - Adult

Note: The Pilates class is currently not available.

Pilates is a balanced form of exercise for your mind and body that can improve your strength, flexibility and overall mobility of the spine. It enhances posture, reduces stress and creates long, lean muscles without bulking up.  Pilates can also help improve your game if you are a sportsperson.  Other benefits from the Pilates’ holistic approach are:  Alleviates aches and pains, improve bone density, increases stability for the pelvis and shoulders and improve the overall sense of well-being.  It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Since Joseph Pilates open the first studio in 1926 in USA, the popularity of Pilates has grown to be a worldwide phenomenon - There are over 10 million people practicing it.

Matwork or Equipment?

There are two types of Pilates classes - Matwork and Equipment. Both are excellent forms of exercise, and you should choose the one that best suits your needs.

Matwork Class

There are 34 Matwork exercises developed by Joseph Pilates in 1945. They are called Contrology.

As well as those 34 original exercises, you will also learn many Pilates exercises for warming up the joints and help strengthen the deeper postural muscles. Stretching exercises are also incorporated to  Exercises are mostly performed lying down on the mat and taught in a group.